0423 Water Level Measurement in Stormwater Tanks

Intended Pupose

Water level measurements operate according to various measuring principles. Immersion probes and the wellknown air bubbling method measure the hydrostatic pressure at a certain point under water. Ultrasonic echo sounders and radar probes measure the distance between a measuring head and the water surface by reflection.

We use only products from wellknown manufacturers with whose instruments we have had good experience. New instruments are thoroughly tested before being included in our sales program.


Water level measuring equipment provides information on:

  • the current water level in a stormwater tank (filling)
  • the water level in front of an overflow threshold for determining the duration and frequency of overflow or the discharge volume via this threshold (CSO, tank overflow or clarifier overflow)
  • the water level in other system components, for example in a pump sump, as a signal transmitter for control systems which automatically actuate equipment such as pumps, agitators, tipping flushers and valves.