023 Coarse Filtering Devices

0231 Pendulum Static Screen UFT-<em>FluidRack</em> -

Pivotable bar screen to filter coarse materials from overflows. Pendulum construction ensures automatic opening under hydraulic overload conditions. Requires manual cleaning.

0233 Vortex Separator UFT-<em>FluidSep</em> -

Vortex overflow structure for efficient separation of floating and settleable materials from sewer flows. Operation with hydrodynamic effects only. Suitable as a substitute for a small CSO tank or as a separator on large, two-stage CSO treatment facilities.

0234 Rotary Drum Sieve UFT-<em>FluidRotor</em> -

Slowly Rotating drum sieve to retain unsightly gross solid materials on sewer overflows and sewer treatment facilities. The drum is continuously cleaned above the water line by a fast rotating cylindrical brush.

0237 Tube Settling Unit UFT-<em>FluidClear</em> -

Settling Unit with honeycomb-shaped tube decks (lamella settlers) for the treatment of stormwater in separate systems. Prefabricated concrete structure to be installed as a stand-alone settling basin or as a supplement to a retention tank. Cleaning of the removable tube decks by swaying under water.

0237x Cross Flow Lamella Settler UFT-<em>FluidClearX</em> -

Cross-flow lamella settler unit with roof-shaped horizontal-flow plate packs for the treatment of stormwater from separate sewer systems. For installation in rectangular clarifier tanks. Cleaning of the plate packs by automatic or manual pivoting under water.

0238 Paddle Wheel Bar Screen Type <em>GiWA</em> -

Floodable screen with vertical bars and rotating skimmer comb driven by power supply independent paddle wheel, directly mounted on top of the overflow weir.

0239 Sedimentation Shaft UFT-<em>FluidSettle</em> -

Decentralised treatment unit for separating settleable solids from the storm runoff of small catchment areas. Cross-flow lamella separator technology with pivotable and removable lamella stack.

0241 ‘Iron Monk’ UFT-<em>FluidMonk</em> -

A novel outlet structure for retention ponds with permanent water level, prefabricated completly in stainless steel and ready for operation. A monk is a structure which is combining a flow control and a weir for sustaining a permanent water level. It is named after mediaeval monasteries which used such structures at their fish ponds.