0231 Pendulum Static Screen UFT-FluidRack

Intended Purpose

During storms, large quantities of combined sewage may be spilled into the water bodies at CSOs and CSO tanks. In such case it is often desirable to retain unsightly gross solids with screening installations. On smaller, easily accessible systems, however, it is often not economical to use expensive screens with automatic cleaning machines at overflows which are only rarely active.

On the other hand, the screen must not create a drastic back up of water in the sewer system in the event of a blockage. The Pendulum Static Screen UFT-FluidRack provides a compromise and opens automatically by the water pressure when it is blocked.

Properties of the Pendulum Static Screen UFT-FluidRack

  • no external energy, no power connection
  • very large screening area, freely suspended or standing
  • solid mechanism
  • retrofitting possible
  • variable bar spacing, can also be changed at a later date
  • automatic opening in case of critical blockage
  • easy manual cleaning of comb-shaped screen bars
  • arrangement as rack packages, several variants of assembly
  • corrosion resistant: materials optionally galvanised steel, stainless steel or anodised aluminum
  • hydraulic design method available