012 Open Loop Flow Control, Active

0121n Conical Vortex Valve, wet installation UFT-<em>FluidCon</em> -

This active flow control device without any moving parts works solely by using the hydromechanical effects of the fluid. Constructed from corrosion-free stainless steel and PVC, it is suitable for wet installation to control small to medium outflows.

0123 Control Vortex Valve UFT-<em>FluidTriode</em> -

Flow control without mechanically moved parts with specific change of flow resistance by means of hydraulic effects. Particularly suitable for flood control reservoirs.

0125r Pipe Clarifier Overflow UFT-<em>FluidClari</em> -

Clarifier overflow in the shape of a pipe with bilateral inflow to maintain a constant inflow rate into clarifier tanks and basins. Wear-free, compact component, completely made of stainless steel.

0126 Inflow control unit UFT-<em>FluidInflow</em> -

Active flow control for limiting the inflow to a sedimentation chamber or a lamella settler: the open cross section under a spring steel sheet is varied by the differential pressure, thus producing a nearly constant flow. Operation under full backwater only.