018 Water Level Control

0181 Air Regulated Siphon UFT-<em>FluidSiph</em> -

Hysteresis-free, floodable siphon without moving components to regulate water level when discharging. Compact, stainless steel construction. Also suitable for retro-fit installation.

0182 Bending Weir UFT-<em>FluidBend</em> -

Automatic device to regulate upstream water level and to activate retention volume. Requires no external power and has no bearings, slides or hinges. Suitable for monitoring overflow activity.

0183 Spring-loaded Weir UFT-<em>FluidFlap</em> -

Automatic discharge weir without external energy as space-saving design with spring mechanism. For activating storage capacity, preventing backwater in the sewer system during rainfall and regulating the upstream water level to a practically constant height.

0184 Overflow Weir Profile UFT-<em>FluidWing</em> -

Broad-crested overflow weir with a wing-shaped spillway profile for hysteresis-free and exact measurement of overflow discharge without ventilating the current underside.