0181 Air Regulated Siphon UFT-FluidSiph

Intended Purpose

Fixed thresholds at overflows of retention and clarifier overflows are easy to construct, but have the disadvantage that they are not very efficient. If the permissible backwater head in the inlet is limited, very long thresholds or thresholds on both sidesare required.

The air-regulated siphon UFT-Fluid-Siph is designed for very large flows and thus offers a very efficient alternative to fixed thresholds and also to movable weirs when suction height is available. The air regulation eliminates the dreaded sudden surges.

Properties of the Air Regulated Siphon UFT-FluidSiph

  • no mechanically moved parts
  • no external energy required
  • drainage capacity up to eleven times greater than that of a fixed threshold of the same width
  • hysteresis-free, proportional characteristics
  • gradual, non-surge-like starting of the discharge
  • overflowable and overloadable
  • compact design with vertical suction hose
  • submerged inlet, floating materials are rejected
  • installation without concrete work
  • retrofitting on existing sleepers to increase performance
  • stainless steel construction