028 Accessories

0281p Knife Gate Valve UFT-<em>FluidERU®</em> -

Sealed, watertight, knife gate valve installed between flanges for wastewater containing solid and fibrous material. To shut off and to regulate flow in either direction.

0282 Wafer Gate Valve UFT-<em>FluidKnife</em> -

Fine stainless steel flangeless knife gate suitable for waste water control. The valve's effortless operation is designed for constant movement. Suitable for hydraulic, pneumatic, electric or manual operation.

0283r Pipes UFT-<em>FluidPipe</em> -

Supply and installation of steel, stainless steel, PVC and PE piping including flanges, couplings, brackets, supports, connections and armatures.

0283f Formed Fittings UFT-<em>FluidFit</em> -

Supply and mounting of standard and customised fittings in stainless steel or PVC for wall transitions, adapters, bends, outflows, couplings, and intersections.