0281s Spindle Extensions UFT-FluidSpindle

Intended Purpose

The removal of any blockage in the flow control of a CSO tank is dangerous because rotten waste water can suddenly release high concentrations of hydrogen sulphide which may intoxicate the personnel in the shaft within seconds as soon as a valve is opened. To avoid such accidents, it is strongly recommended that any gate valves of bypass pipes or flow controls are consistently equipped with spindle extensions to allow convenient operation from above. Thus, the need for the staff to descend into the confined-space structure for operation and be exposed to any toxic gases released is eliminated.

Properties of the Spindle Extensions UFT-FluidSpindle

  • corrosion-free construction made of stainless steel
  • custom-made product
  • Street cap with square, operated with socket wrench
  • individual solutions possible, also with cardan joints for directional deflection