0281p Knife Gate Valve UFT-FluidERU®

Intended Purpose

The Knife Gate Valve UFT-FluidERU® type P for installation between flanges is universally used as a shutoff gate valve upstream of flow controls or as a regulation valve in pipelines in stormwater treatment facilities of all types and in sewage treatment plants. It is particularly suitable for use in solid- and fibre-loaded waste water. ERU® is a registered trademark of Erhard GmbH & Co. KG, Talis Germany, Heidenheim.

Properties of the Knife Gate Valve UFT-FluidEru®

  • thin, ground stainless steel plate as shut-off device
  • in the case of fibrous or granular solids, the plate cuts its way onto the lower soft seal
  • heavy corrosion protection
  • can be equipped with numerous drives (manual, electric, hydraulic, pneumatic)
  • can be installed between flanges or at the end flange of a pipe
  • mounting in any desired position
  • drip-free in both flow directions
  • sealing elements and gaskets easily replaceable