Corona Crisis

Notes to our customers, business partners, suppliers and friends

In view of the current situation in relation to the coronavirus crisis and the serious consequences for the economy and health, which are as yet completely unforeseeable, we must adapt our behaviour and strategies.

Of course, it is our concern to carry out all orders and delivery commitments as well as assembly and service assignments as planned. In doing so, however, we must think of your protection and that of our employees.

To ensure our performance, we have necessarily organised things differently:

  • Various employees from all departments are on leave of absence or work from home, which can lead to restrictions in communication
  • Access to the company premises is only permitted to employees and necessary suppliers after prior notification
  • Field service activities, personal consultations and construction site appointments are only permitted in individual cases and in compliance with the recommended protective measures and the instructions for contact blocking
  •  Assembly work and service work will continue in compliance with the applicable rules and protective measures, provided that the customer permits this and that it is safe for our employees

We ask for your understanding for delays, waiting times and restrictions.

UFT Umwelt- und Fluid-Technik

Our company was formed in 1977 in Bad Mergentheim, Germany.

The starting capital consisted of patents arising from research on 'FLUIDICS'. These are devices which without moving parts, can automatically regulate the flow of any fluid in response to the strength of the current. This initial research mirrors the activity of the firm today, with innovations like the Vortex Flow Control and the Vortex Valve we have specialised in the control of stormwater and sewerage flows.

Stormwater Treatment