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0213 Water Cannon UFT-FluidCannon 0111r Vortex Flow Control for Subsoil Retention UFT-FluidVortex-R 0221 Check Valve UFT-FluidSwing 0112 Regulating Gate Valve UFT-FluidGate 0122 Vertical Vortex Valve UFT-FluidVertic basic 0231 Pendulum Static Screen UFT-FluidRack 0234 Rotary Drum Sieve UFT-FluidRotor 0211 Tipping Flusher UFT-FluidFlush 0125r Pipe Clarifier Overflow UFT-FluidClari 0223 Slot-Type Check Valve UFT-FluidSlot 0423 Water Level Measurement in Stormwater Tanks 0121t Conical Vortex Valve, semi-dry installation UFT-FluidCon 0411 Control Cabinets for Free Standing and Interior Installation KVS 0142 Flow Measurement and Control Station with Magnetic Flowmeter for Full Pipes UFT-FluidMID 0151 Parabolic Plate Orifice UFT-FluidVenturi 0233 Vortex Separator UFT-FluidSep 0182 Bending Weir UFT-FluidBend 0122d Pond Vortex Valve UFT-FluidPond 0183 Spring-loaded Weir UFT-FluidFlap 0132 Adjustable Knife Gate Regulator UFT-FluidMoon 0152 Tipper Flow Measuring Device UFT-FluidTipper 0184 Overflow Weir Profile UFT-FluidWing 0232s TW