Service & Maintenance Division (S&W)

Stormwater tanks and other stormwater treatment systems are expensive investments paid by taxpayers. Their reliable function contributes significantly to keeping our waters clean. Failure of mechanical and electrical equipment can lead to water pollution with regulatory, criminal and liability consequences.

In order to ensure the function of the system over a long period of time, it must be maintained regularly and professionally. For complex plants we offer maintenance of technical equipment.

For complex systems or in the event that you do not have your own personnel with special qualifications, we offer regular maintenance of the technical equipment.

Qualified and regular maintenance not only increases operational reliability, but also extends the service life and thus the value of the system. In the long run, good maintenance also saves good money.

Maintenance, inspection and repair of hydro-mechanical systems on request or as part of maintenance contracts. We take care of tasks for self-checking, e.g. balancing of of discharge water volumes and checking measuring equipment.