0750 Service and Maintenance Electrical Engineering and Process Control Technology SWEP

Why Service and Maintenance?

The more complex a technical system is, the more important is regular and expert maintenance. This applies in particular to electrical equipment, instrumentation and control and remote control technology, which is characterised by very rapid technical progress and thus a previously unknown specialisation.
Operators are therefore increasingly outsourcing this important task to UFT as a specialist company.

Service at Plants with Electrical and Process Control Technology

Inspection, maintenance and repair is particularly necessary for electrical systems at stormwater tanks. In this case, maintenance contracts, in which the operator can delegate the responsibility for the permanent functionality of the structure as required by water law to a specialist company, make sense. Thanks to the remote monitoring option, we can ensure permanent monitoring of many systems, so that the operator can be notified immediately in the event of malfunctions and faults may be detected and dealt with rapidly. Of course, the plants are also regularly visited by our trained service staff.