0182 Bending Weir UFT-FluidBend

Intended Purpose

The Bending Weir UFT-FluidBend is a self-regulating discharge device for use as an overflow weir at combined sewer overflow tanks and in other storage structures. Compared with a fixed weir, the Bending Weir has a significantly lower apparent overflow head for the same discharge and the same length.

Properties of the Bending Weir UFT-FluidBend

  • considerably greater discharge capacity than with a fixed overflow sill
  • a Bending Weir of 1 m length can replace about 2 to 10 m of fixed sill with the same discharge and backwater (weir replacement factor)
  • gain in storage volume (storage capacity activation)
  • significant length reduction of the overflow weir and thus also reduced size and costs of the structure
  • reduced discharge of pollutant particles transported near the sewer bottom (bed load) because the water is passing over the weir rather than underneath
  • automatic operation without external energy
  • low weight due to the use of special spring-type stainless steel, whose material characteristics are  suitable for this application
  • no cables, counterweights or cam discs
  • high operational reliability
  • long lifetime, low wear tendency