0184 Overflow Weir Profile UFT-FluidWing

Intended Purpose

According to several technical guidelines in Gemany and other countries, overflow weirs at CSO tanks should be equipped with monitoring devices in order to measure and record the overflow activity into the water bodies. In addition to the overflow duration and frequency, the determination of the annual overflow volume in m³/a is often required.

In our hydraulic laboratory, we have developed a combination of a new type of overflow spillway profile and a scum board, that provides accurate and hysteresis-free flow characteristics, even for a very low overflow head. Ventilation of the underside of the jet is not necessary.

Properties of the Overflow Weir Profile UFT-FluidWing

  • broad-crested weir with a wing-shaped profile
  • smooth, streamlined shape
  • hysteresis-free hydraulic characteristics
  • no ventilation of the underside of the jet required
  • high measuring accuracy at low overflow head
  • low flow resistance even at large discharges
  • can be used with or without scum board
  • hydraulic design method
  • calibrated by an independent university institute
  • easy installation, also suitable for retro-fitting
  • delivery of the complete monitoring system
  • data evaluation as a customer service
  • simple maintenance