0122d Pond Vortex Valve UFT-FluidPond

Intended Purpose

The Pond Vortex Valves UFT-FluidPond are a special form of the tried-and-tested vortex valves mounted in the vertical position. They work without moving parts and without any external energy. The flow control action is effected solely by the fluid flow properties.

Pond vortex valves have a very high flow resistance with a large open cross- section. They are specially designed for use in small stormwater retention basins and ponds where a permanent water level must be kept. These basins can also act as a separator for light liquids when an immersion hood is placed on the valve inlet.

Properties of the Pond Vortex Valve UFT-FluidPond

  • large open cross-section
  • no moving parts
  • no wear
  • no external energy required
  • high operational safety
  • corrosion-free long life construction
  • precise discharge regulation
  • easy and quick assembly
  • no adjustment required
  • high selectivity (steep characteristic curve)
  • no extra sill for permanent water level required