0123 Control Vortex Valve UFT-FluidTriode

Intended Purpose

At flood control reservoirs, a limitation to large discharges at moderate to great water depths is required. A Control Vortex Valve has two operating states: At low water levels, the water passes through the valve in a straight path without any significant pressure loss. However, if the water level exceeds the height of the control nozzle inlet, water flows in there. The tangential impulse creates a vortex flow in the vortex chamber, which drastically increases the flow resistance of the valve and thus reduces the overall outflow to a nearly constant desired value.

Properties of the Control Vortex Valve UFT-FluidTriode

  • no mechanically moved parts
  • no wear, no aging
  • no external energy required
  • specific change of flow resistance by hydraulic effects
  • large open cross-section
  • high operational safety
  • corrosion-free construction
  • precise discharge control to a desired value
  • low height consumption
  • no adjustment required
  • easy handling and checking