0125r Pipe Clarifier Overflow UFT-FluidClari

Intended Purpose

The Pipe Clarifier Overflow is a variant of our self-regulating clarifier overflow UFT-FluidClari. It consists of a large stainless steel pipe, if necessary in several sections with flange connections, with clarifier overflow fittings installed on one or both sides. The water enters with a low specific flow per metre of length. It is drained axially through the pipe and through an opening in the structure wall.

The Pipe Clarifier Overflow is ideal for rectangular clarifier tanks and is also suitable for retrofitting, for example when converting a first flush tank into a clarifier tank.

Properties of the Pipe Clarifier Overflow UFT-FluidClari

  • no bearings, no seals, no wear
  • no measuring technology, no external drive, no  external energy
  • almost constant flow rate
  • the water is withdrawn evenly over the width of the tank
  • low threshold load and low suction effect due to threshold on both sides
  • clarifier overflow in tubular form, thus simplified structural design of the building (clarifier overflow gutter is obsolete)
  • oxygen input in the spray jet
  • reliable and accurate function
  • scum board function is integrated
  • low-maintenance and long-lasting