0121t Conical Vortex Valve, semi-dry installation UFT-FluidCon

Intended Purpose

UFT-FluidCon model SUt vortex valves are designed for use in sewers and for controlling the discharge of surface waters. They are used as regulating devices at the outlets of combined sewage overflows, storage capacity sewers, CSO tanks, storm retention basins, clarifier tanks and flood retention basins.

Vortex chamber units are a basic innovation of our company for the control of difficult-to-handle liquid flows. We can look back on over 8,000 units installed worldwide. The fact that not a single device has failed to date emphasizes the reliability of the principle.

Properties of the Conical Vortex Valve UFT-FluidCon SUt

  • no moving parts
  • no wear
  • no external energy required
  • large open cross-section
  • high operational safety
  • corrosion-free construction
  • high-precision flow control
  • little upstream backwater during dry weather flow
  • only slight bottom drop of sewer invert required
  • simple change of design flow
  • easy and quick assembly
  • no adjustment required
  • easy handling and checking
  • accessibility even when the tank is full