0233 Vortex Separator UFT-FluidSep

Intended Purpose

The Vortex Separator UFT-FluidSep is a sedimentation unit that cleans overflowing combined sewage by separating the settleable substances and also trapping floatables.

Unlike a sedimentation tank, the vortex separator is largely self-cleaning during operation: The sediments are concentrated in the centre of the vortex separator and permanently transported to the treatment plant by the underflow.

The Vortex Separator UFT-FluidSep can be used as a replacement for small first-flush tanks up to V = 200 m³, whereby there is also the possibility of volume savings. Alternatively, it can be used as a separating structure for two-stage systems.

Properties of the Vortex Separator UFT-FluidSep

  • use of a controlled vortex flow to separate settleable and floating substances from combined waters
  • high operational reliability, no moving parts
  • largely self-cleaning during operation, thus low maintenance costs
  • compact structure
  • construction of small Vortex Separators as PE-HD prefabricated shafts and larger plants as in-situ concrete structures with stainless steel components
  • separate flow control shaft
  • design method for hydraulic behaviour and separation efficiency
  • approximately 100 reference plants worldwide