0234 Rotary Drum Sieve UFT-FluidRotor

Intended Purpose

Despite the great success of combined sewage and stormwater treatment prior to overflow, there are still complaints about unsightly contamination of the water banks by toilet paper, hygiene articles, kitchen nonwovens, etc. These substances often drift in the wastewater rather than floating on the water surface and cannot be effectively retained either by settling tanks or by scum boards.

The Rotary Drum Sieve UFT-FluidRotor is especially designed for the retention of unaesthetic coarse materials, including also some fine suspended matter, at stormwater discharges in the sewer system.

Properties of the Rotary Drum Sieve UFT-FluidRotor

  • reliable retention of floating and swimming coarse materials
  • very large filter surface in the smallest space due to rotating sieve cylinder
  • high flow rate at low surface loading
  • gentle mechanical cleaning above the water surface with a soft brush
  • removal of screened material with the wastewater flow
  • low energy consumption, no aerosols, no noise
  • filtration effect and retention of very fine particles by controlled build-up of a filter cake
  • variable drum speed and intermittent operation possible; automatic forward and reverse run for optimum cleaning
  • robust stainless steel construction
  • explosion-proof hydraulic drives
  • various arrangement options in the structure