0223 Slot-Type Check Valve UFT-FluidSlot

Intended Purpose

The slot-type check valve UFT-FluidSlot is installed on the downstream side of an overflow weir. It prevents massive backflow from the water body into the sewer system or into the storm tank during floods.

The requirements of DIN 19 569 Part 4 regarding the permissible leakage rates are  met. On long weir sills, several slot-type check valves are installed next to each other.

Properties of the Slot-Type Check Valve UFT-FluidSlot

  • the rubber flap opens at low opening pressure in flow direction
  • retrofitting by doweling possible
  • no bearings, no mechanical parts
  • in the event of reverse flow, the flap seals immediately and reliably in the blocking direction
  • no risk of blockage
  • corrosion-resistant
  • the slot-type check valve has a higher flow capacity than a circular check valve