0151 Parabolic Plate Orifice UFT-FluidVenturi

Intended Purpos

A classical method of discharge measurement in sewer networks is the indirect hydraulic method with a Venturi-type measurement orifice plate or flume. Here, the discharge is derived from the measured upstream water level by a characteristic rating curve.

The special geometry of the milled parabola-shaped orifice plate provides an increased measurement resolution for low discharges, so that these can also be registered with sufficient precision. The water level can be measured using an ultrasonic or a very accurate radar sensor. Alternatively, an air bubbler with a fixed zero point integrated into the parabolic orifice is also available.

Properties of the Parabolic Plate Orifice UFT-FluidVenturi

  • harmonious parabolic constriction
  • good resolution of the measuring range with small discharges
  • individual, project-related dimensioning
  • variable opening width of the parabola possible, thus adaptation to different design flows
  • precise production of the sharp-edged stainless steel orifice plate by CNC milling
  • optional air bubble opening on the front of the orifice plate, thus fixed zero point of the water level measurement