0648w Remote Observation and Control Facilities FW

Intended Purpose

Remote control systems and process control technology in the sewage network and stormwater treatment require thorough planning and adaptation of the system to the individual needs and competence of the operators. There is an almost infinite number of variants. We are happy to make our experience available for project planning and system selection.

We have nationwide approval as a specialist electrical company and install electrical systems and remote control technology to professional standards. The systems are commissioned by us and then handed over to the operating staff ready for operation.


  • output of daily, monthly and annual reports
  • optional protocol editor according to German guideline ATV-DVWK-M 260
  • maintenance intervals, administration of component data, spare parts lists
  • registration of the most important activities in the control process archive
  • output of fault reports, daily, monthly and annual reports
  • recording of operating hours for various components
  • output of different hydrographs
  • recording of the overflow activities of stormwater facilities
  • manual entries of values, laboratory values, rain gauge etc.
  • individual password protection
  • backup and data protection functions
  • if required, we can connect to the remote control system from our office for remote maintenance.