0411 Control Cabinets for Free Standing and Interior Installation KVS

Intended Purpose

Control cabinets are required to accommodate the monitoring, control and regulation technology (I&C technology). The cabinets serve as weather protection and shield the electronic components. Control cabinets should be located in the vicinity of important units such as flow regulators and pumps. In order to help the planner decide what is necessary and feasible and what is to be considered in the planning and tendering phase, we have developed a well proven concept for the basic equipment of control cabinets for various monitoring tasks.



  • free standing control cabinet with two locks and internal sub cabinet or internal
    doors (for sealed cabinets)
  • or control cabinet as a floor-standing cabinet in an operational building with
    doors for the operating and display devices
  • mounting plate for holding the monitoring, control and regulation technology
  • basic equipment of a switch cabinet, consisting of:
    • space for metering device
    • combined earth conductor
    • plug socket combination
    • control cabinet heating
    • master switch
    • control voltage supply
    • potential equalization rail
    • free space