0211 Tipping Flusher UFT-FluidFlush

Intended Purpose

CSO tanks are filled up by storms typically about 50 times a year. After each filling, the settled sludge must be removed as soon as possible to prevent it from rotting.

A very effective way of automatically cleaning rectangular basins is to flush them with a strong surge of water with the aid of a UFT-FluidFlush Tipping Flusher after the tank has emptied.

Tipping flushers require some drop height, but only a small volume of flushing water and very little external energy to clean the tank.

Properties of the Tipping Flusher UFT-FluidFlush

  • low external energy demand
  • powerful, short, singular rinsing flush wave
  • small flushing water volume required
  • low noise emission
  • large flushing distance up to 100 m
  • large span possible up to 12 m, depending on tipping volume
  • balanced, smooth movements
  • automatic reset from any position
  • maintenance-free lightweight construction with circular cross-section made of stainless steel
  • weight of the water filling up to 10 times greater than weight of empty flusher
  • reliable design method
  • more than 1.700 references worldwide