0213 Water Cannon UFT-FluidCannon

Intended Purpose

The flushing water cannon UFT-FluidCannon is a stationary, hand-held water blaster for the cleaning of CSO tanks and clarifiers of all kinds. It is particularly suitable for tanks that cannot be reliably cleaned by automatic flushing aids such as tipping flushers, agitators, jet pumps, etc. due to their shape.

The Water Cannon is also suitable as a flushing aid supplementary to automatic devices, e.g. for rinsing the walls, for cleaning corners and fittings, pump sumps and gutters.

Properties of the Water Cannon UFT-FluidCannon

  • can be used for cleaning all types of stormwater tanks
  • retrofitting recommended in cases where automatic cleaning devices do not show fully satisfactory results
  • as a supplement to automatic cleaning devices for cleaning difficult areas such as walls, corners, sumps and gutters
  • simple operation, no rebound
  • large coverage of the trajectory spray
  • adjustable jet nozzle, full-jet spraying
  • personnel do not have to go down into the tank
  • no unwinding, winding, entanglement and cleaning of hoses, no set-up time, immediately ready for operation