0214 Swivelling Stirrer Unit UFT-FluidSway

Intended Purpose

The Swivelling Stirrer Unit UFT-Fluid­Sway is used to clean all types of stormwater tanks during emptying to the sewage treatment plant, including those with irregular geometry or with supports in the tank space. The agitator generates a powerful water jet, which mixes the deposited sludge back into the water phase. Due to the hydraulic controlled pivoting back and forth with adjustable swivel angle, the jet sweeps a large part of the tank bottom. Islands of non-mobilized sludge are thus avoided. A water level tendency detection prevents premature startup in clarifier type tanks.

Properties of the Swivelling Stirrer unit UFT-FluidSway:

  • effective cleaning by remobilisation of sludge deposits during the emptying of the stormwater tank
  • powerful agitator motor in industrial standard, available in several performance classes
  • pivoting arrangement, thus covering a large area of the tank floor with the propeller jet
  • robust hydraulic drive, space-saving compact hydraulic unit
  • very large, adjustable swivel range (max. 360°)
  • especially suitable for irregular tank chamber geometries
  • corrosion-resistant materials
  • explosion-proof version