0111 Vortex Flow Control UFT-FluidVortex

Intended Pupose

In urban drainage systems, vortex throttles limit the discharge from CSOs, CSO tanks, stormwater retention basins and flood prevention basins. Due to the large open cross-sections and very effective secondary flow effects, the vortex throttle is blockage resistant. The device can therefore be used to advantage to reduce difficult-to-handle effluents loaded with solids, such as in combined and separate sewage systems or in sediment-laden waters from mining quarries, gravel works or other industry.

Properties of the Vortex Flow Control  UFT-FluidVortex

  • high hydraulic resistance combined with large open cross-sections; therefore unaffected by blockages
  • adjustment possible for different flow rates by simple exchange of an orifice plate – retrofitting also possible
  • no moving parts
  • no wear, high abrasion resistance
  • no external energy required
  • high operational safety
  • corrosion-free construction
  • quick assembly, no adjustment required
  • oxygen injection by the discharge jet
  • compact design, ideal for use in confined spaces