0112 Regulating Gate Valve UFT-FluidGate

Intended Purpose

The Regulating Gate Valve UFT-FluidGate is used in combined sewer overflows and in diversion structures in all types of stormwater tanks and basins. It is particularly suitable for regulating medium to large flows, even at shallow water depths.

The gate valve is adjusted to a fixed opening width, which can be adjusted on a scale. The flow control effect is based on a constriction of the cross-sectional area and, consequently speeds up the water flow.

Properties of the Regulating Gate Valve UFT-FluidGate

  • upstream installation
  • installation on a flat, vertical wall
  • precise and stepless adjustment of the flow
  • suitable for medium to large flows at low to medium pressure levels
  • indication of the opening width on a scale with pointer
  • compact construction
  • no bottom drop at the sewer invert required
  • non-corrosive PVC and stainless steel construction
  • jackscrew drive above water level
  • can also be installed in low shafts (positioning block instead of jackscrew)
  • low weight, robust construction
  • easy handling