0113 High Pressure Vortex Flow Control UFT-FluidVortex-P

Intended Purpose

The UFT-FluidVortex-P High Pressure Vortex Flow Control is a special version of the UFT-FluidVortex Flow Control, specially adapted for extremely high pressures and very low flow rates. It is used wherever special emphasis is placed on resistance to clogging and high hydraulic resistance with low space requirements.

The fields of application are in special mechanical engineering systems, e. g. high-pressure hydroelectric turbines where water must be supplied at a defined flow rate to the cooling/lubricating slits in the shaft seals.

Properties of the High Pressure Vortex Flow Control UFT-FluidVortex-P

  • high hydraulic resistance combined with large open cross-sections, therefore very insensitive to clogging, to limescale deposits and the flow is unimpeded by changes in wall surface structure
  • small, compact design, can also be used in very confined spaces
  • adjustment options for different flow rates by simply exchanging an orifice plate - even post installation
  • no moving parts
  • high abrasion resistance
  • no  external energy required
  • corrosion-free construction
  • quick assembly, pre-adjusted at the factory