0114 Hook Gate UFT-FluidHook

Intended Purpose

The Hook Gate UFT-FluidHook has been specially developed for regulating large to very large flows at very shallow basin depths, such as are often required at CSO overflows and in diversion structures of CSO basins. The opening width can also be adjusted with the use of a scale.

The UFT-FluidHook is available in various widths to achieve the desired well-defined characteristic regulating curve. The specially optimised hook-shaped geometry also results in a particularly strong throttling effect with a large open cross-section.

Properties of the Hook Gate UFT-FluidHook

  • optimised for large to very large flows with low pressure heads
  • high loss coefficient, i. e. strong  choke effect
  • upstream installation
  • for fixing to a flat, vertical wall in front of a rectangular passageway opening
  • precise and stepless adjustment of the flow
  • display of the opening width on a scale with pointer
  • compact construction
  • no bottom drop at the sewer invert required
  • stainless steel and PE-HD corrosion-free construction
  • jackscrew drive above water level
  • low weight, robust construction
  • easy handling
  • also suitable for very shallow manholes