0131 Turbo Vortex Flow Regulator UFT-FluidTurbo

Intended Purpose

For smaller CSO tanks in combined systems, flow regulators for small discharges less than 25 l/s are often required. Such flow control devices must be able to detect and flush blockages automatically.

The Turbo Vortex Flow Regulator UFT-FluidTurbo solves this task without external energy. In a vortex throttle housing, the stormwater drives a turbine wheel that supplies the necessary control energy and uses low-pressure oil hydraulics to operate a gate valve which limits the inflow.

Properties of the Turbo Vortex Flow Regulator UFT-FluidTurbo

  • closed-loop flow control: measurement of the flow by the turbine wheel and limitation by a gate valve operated by a low-pressure hydraulic cylinder
  • constant flow
  • no auxiliary energy required
  • high operational safety due to integrated vortex chamber
  • manages very small flows
  • adjustable knob and replaceable orifice for changing the flow rate as required
  • robust construction made of stainless steel and anodised aluminium, designed for continuous operation in sewers
  • exceptional passive safety reserves
  • semi-dry installation