0133 Float Gate Regulator UFT-FluidCasca

Intended Purpose

CSO tanks are often designed as storage capacity sewers. If the gradient is greater, however, very high sills and pressure-resistant manhole covers, combined with large pressure heights in the inflow to flow control, may be required. This can be avoided if storage sewers are managed in cascades.

For this purpose, the building is divided into sections. A UFT-FluidCasca Float Gate Regulator controls the flow rate at the lower end of each section depending on the downstream water level.

Properties of the Float Gate Regulator UFT-FluidCasca

  • regulation by the downstream water level
  • no auxiliary energy, no electrics required
  • better use of the storage capacity sewer volume
  • smaller design pressure head for the throttle and thus possibly larger nominal width
  • better ventilation of the storage sewer
  • no pressure-resistant manhole covers required, thus also improved accessibility of the building for maintenance