0142 Flow Measurement and Control Station with Magnetic Flowmeter for Full Pipes UFT-FluidMID

Intended Purpose

The measurement and control Station UFT-FluidMID Type MIDg operates with a magnetic-inductive flow meter with siphon for full sewers (culverted version). The system is suitable for accurate and continuous discharge measurement, as well as for flow recording in the sewer network. It is particularly recommended for use in medium to very large combined sewer overflow tanks, especially in the last tank immediately in front of the sewage treatment plant. The culverted version is suitable for accounting of fees.

Properties of the Culverted Control Station for Full Pipes UFT-FluidMID

  • continuous flow metering, also at night
  • high measurement accuracy due to sophisticated flow meters from industrial series production
  • no level drop of the sewer necessary
  • specially-shaped inflow confusor ensures minimum pressure loss and low siphon depth at minimized air entrainment
  • short intake length
  • effective rinsing aids to prevent deposits
  • reliable hydraulic design method
  • shut-off function for reverse flow