0143 Flow Measurement and Control Station with Magnetic Flowmeter for Partly-full Pipes UFT-FluidMID

Intended Purpose

The measurement and control Station UFT-FluidMID, Type MIDu is specially designed for wastewater. It operates with a mag flow meter without siphon for partial filled tube measurement. The system is suitable for accurate and continuous discharge measurement, as well as for flow recording in the sewer network. It is particularly recommended for use in medium to very large combined sewer overflow tanks, especially in the last tank immediately in front of the sewage treatment plant.

Properties of the Control Station UFT-FluidMID for partly filled sewers

The "classic" electromagnetic flow meter (EMF) operates with a measuring cross-section that is always completely filled with water. This requires the measuring tube to be siphoned off. Inductive flow meters operating with partially filled pipe cross section have only been on the market for a few years. At our insistence, they were specially developed for use in the sewage network. Since the measuring tube does not always have to be completely filled with water, siphoning is no longer necessary.

For partial filled EMFs, however, the hydraulic boundary conditions must be carefully checked. At minimum discharge, e.g. at night, a minimum filling depth of 10 to 15% of the nominal diameter should not be undershot, otherwise the measurement switches to zero. Furthermore, the flow in the measuring pipe must not be supercritical or swinging with partial filling. Good measurement results can only be expected if thorough hydraulic verification is carried out as early as the planning stage.

  • no siphoning of the meauring tube necessary
  • no risk for accumulation of floating material in front of the measuring tube
  • continuous flow measurement down to 10% filling
  • good measuring accuracy due to industrial series production and water calibration of the measuring instrument
  • low height consumption of the system