0144 Electronical Controlled Flow Control Gate UFT-FluidEControl

Intended Purpose

The Electronical Controlled Flow Control Gate UFT-FluidEControl limits the flow from all kinds of stormwater tanks for small to medium discharges. The upstream water level is measured and the flow control gate is actuated, so that constant outflow and a vertical discharge curve is achieved. In case of a clogging of the gate, the unit is able to detect and to remove it.

The UFT-FluidEControl can be applied wherever a discharge limitation to a constant value is required while a measurement of the dry weather flow is not needed.

Properties of the Flow Control Gate UFT-FluidEControl

  • constant flow independent of the pressure height in the stormwater tank
  • automatic detection and remove of blockage
  • detection of downstream backwater
  • minimization of number of gate movement cycles increases service life of mechanical parts
  • gate in ‘lurking position’, thus minimizing response time of flow control
  • serial remote monitoring interface as standard
  • display for indication of water levels, gate position, discharge and messages as well as for input of parameters (e.g. setpoint discharge)
  • internal ‘electronic logbook’
  • dry weather routine
  • flow control gate may be mounted in wet, semi-dry or dry arrangement
  • robust standard components, ideal for retrofitting
  • only a slight bottom slope is required for installation