0145u Universal Flow Control Unit UFT-FluidShortE

Intended Purpose

On the basis of our well-proven UFT-FluidMID product series, we have newly developed the particularly compact UFT-FluidShortE flow control. This device has a very short measuring tube and can therefore also be used in cramped spaces.

The universal flow control UFT-FluidShortE is set up semi-dry and is therefore particularly suitable for retrofitting. Many old mechanical flow controls have this arrangement, so that when replaced with a Universal Flow Control Unit, no major conversion work is usually required on the structure itself.

Properties of the Universal Flow Control Unit UFT-FluidShortE

  • very compact dimensions, short overall length
  • suitable for retrofitting to existing stormwater tanks
  • no separate mounting opening required
  • high accuracy of the controlled flow
  • flow setting can also be adjusted subsequently and optionally remotely (ideal if there are several expansion stages or if a future sewer network management system is planned)
  • regulating valve installed in a closed pipe, therefore no spraying
  • operation in case of power failure also possible via uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
  • MID sensor in either version for full and for partial filling can be used