0941 Hydraulic Dimensioning of Sewers PipeCalc 2

Intended Purpose

UFT-PipeCalc2 is a clear, easy-to-understand program that answers the most important dimensioning questions of pipe hydraulics quickly and easily. Ideal for occasional use, for example if the dimensioning of a control pipe or the capacity of a duct needs to be checked. Intuitive, simple operation.


  • Known and unknown: You simply enter the known data and mark the ones you are looking for. With a single mouse click, the program determines all unknowns, including other derived values.
  • Full filling and partial filling: PipeCalc2 calculates full filling and partial filling simultaneously and saves the tedious calculation of relative values and interpolation from partial filling tables.
  • Circular, eggshaped, rectangular and trough profiles: In PipeCalc 2, in addition to the circular pipe, other frequently used cross-section shapes are included.
  • Bilingualism: PipeCalc2 can speak English as well as German.
  • Integrated help system: PipeCalc 2 contains an extensive check routine. Nonsensical, overdetermined or insufficient information is recognized and reported. The integrated help system answers questions about operation and calculation parameters. The hydraulic reference book is included!
  • System requirements: Windows operating system, space requirement only approx. 2 MB.