0491 Installation Services for Stormwater Tanks

Intended Pupose

In addition to measuring, control and regulation technology (I&C technology), the type and scope of other installation technology should also be considered when equipping a stormwater tank. The installation technology, such as the type of cable protection pipes used in the tank, the sealing of the
cables to the measurement shaft or the illumination of a tank, contribute to the longevity of the I&C technology and increase the operational safety.

In order to help the planner make decisions and give advice for the planning and tendering phase, we have compiled the installation technology.


The following details must be taken into account when planning and tendering for stormwater tanks: potential equalisation:

  • foundation earthing, lightning protection, band earthing, earthing anchor points
  • laying of empty conduits, supporting cables, wall and ceiling passages, sealing inserts (water, gas)
  • laying cables in manholes and tanks carrying waste water
  • installation technology for monitoring and flow regulator shafts in the explosion-free zone
  • installation technology in Ex-zone 1
  • documentation: empty conduit installation plans, position of the earthing connections
  • on-site preparatory work