0141 Hydraulic-Electronic Flow Regulator UFT-FluidVortex-E

Intended Purpose

The Hydraulic-Electronic Flow Regulator with Vortex Throttle UFT-FluidVortex-E is particularly suitable for control of small to medium flows from 10 l/s to 200 l/s at CSO tanks in combined systems. The device is based on a vortex flow control equipped with an electronic pressure sensor. The electric signal controls a motor gate valve via a programmable logic controller, whereby a constant discharge is achieved. Due to the vortex flow control, the device has a very high level of passive safety.

Properties of the HE-Flow Regulator UFT-FluidVortex-E


  • constant flow
  • very fast-reacting feedback control loop
  • high operational reliability thanks to integrated vortex flow control
  • small flows manageable
  • easy change of set flow
  • robust stainless steel construction
  • clear structure of the electrical components
  • automatic detection of malfunctions
  • subsequent optimisation of the setting parameters possible at any time
  • connectable to any telecontrol system