0145 Discus Flow Regulator UFT-FluidDisc

Intended Purpose

At many first-generation CSO tanks, the mechanical flow controls have to be replaced in the course of recalculation of the combined sewer system. Additionally, today many operators search for better monitoring of the structures and transmission of the operating status to a central control room.

Based on our proven measuring and control station with MID, we have developed the Discus Flow Regulator UFT-FluidDisc as a close loop flow control. This device is very compact, can also be used in cramped spaces and is suitable for retrofitting.

Properties of the Discus Flow Regulator UFT-FluidDisc

  • very compact dimensions: short overall length and low overall height
  • suitable for retrofitting to existing stormwater tanks
  • no separate mounting opening required
  • high accuracy of the controlled flow
  • flow setting can also be adjusted subsequently and optionally remotely (ideal if there are several expansion stages or if a future sewer network management system is planned)
  • no siphoning of the measuring tube required
  • minimal changes to the structure due to semi-dry installation in most existing flow control shafts
  • little spraying tendency
  • low-noise hydraulic drive
  • operation in case of power failure also possible via uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
  • MID sensor in either version for full and for partial filling can be used